Turning coffee into gold: Evaluate your projects

Quality and creativity are our unique selling points. So, part of our shared studio vision is to forever keep growing in quality: To keep improving both professionally as well as keep learning on a personal level. That’s why we always want to evaluate each and every project we have done. During an evaluation we try to find anything we can do better next time.

Last week we’ve had the evaluation meeting with Ashric from Su’Legria. We consider him a regular by now, as we have worked on three editions of the festival together. This time we’ve discussed everything around this edition’s campaign. When we do this we always try to be thorough: We start with how the night of the event itself went, how everyone reacted to the festival in general, and of course how the promotion material we designed was received. We also try to find out how everything went in the months prior to the event, what happened in the last few hectic days before the event, as well as the after-life of the event.

All of this might seem like having a nice cup of coffee at a first glance, but this cup really turns into gold when you consider we now have mutual in-depth knowledge of how to work together even better on all upcoming projects. And we’re very much looking forward to that!

See the new 2016 Su’Legria campaign project page here.