What is FLOW?

House music needs to have Flow. Flow is DJ Franky Rizardo’s musical initiative that started in 2013 as a weekly radio show on SLAM!FM. The initiative has now evolved into a musical movement, with a number of stage hostings on prestigious festivals both in The Netherlands and abroad, including Dance Valley, Free Your Mind, Summer Festival, Amsterdam Dance Event and many others. Flow is now to become a record label and a merchandise brand.

Our role in the project

We were responsible for developing the brand: Logo design, campaign concept (materialising the logo into 3D), art direction of photo and video shoots.
Outline of social communication strategy and overall web design (UI/UX).
Development of all print, web and social media communication graphics.

Logo Concept, Coloring & Typography

The logo refers to the musical areas represented by Flow: Deephouse, Tech House, and House in general. For the typography we needed something special that would match the triangular shape of the logo, so we used Cassanet – which has now become Flow’s main font. And finally, because Flow organizes stages at festivals and clubnights, we really wanted to accentuate the difference between them. We decided to use seperate colour schemes for both kinds of events and we went with the coloured background for festivals and with the black one for clubnights.

The making of FLOW

We were asked to develop and design the campaign for 2014 and onwards. We thought it would be great to expose a real triangle from Flow’s logo to different kinds of waves (or flows!) of coloured ink in transparent water. This resulted in a series of images and videos that are used for advertising each individual event.

The Campaigns

Because we had done multiple video- and photoshoots over several days we had an enormous amount of images at our disposal, so we could actually design the communication for the events using a different colour scheme for each of them. For instance Amsterdam Dance Event received the black/white/yellow scheme, and for Dance Valley we used the yellow/pink one.


The Flow movement also needed a community website. The website works as a portal where you can find the latest releases, listen to the weekly Flow podcast, watch videos and get yourself some Flow-merchandise.

Merchandise & Stage Design

We made a lot different merchandise for the Flow movement: bags, shirts, cds, necklaces, stickers etc., and for the Flow festival stages we designed flags, signs and a number of decorations.


Art Direction
Graphic Design

Fun Facts

  • We had drawn 34 versions of a triangle before we chose this specific triangle to be the logo.
  • We had filled and emptied the aquarium approximately 30 times before we had all the shots we needed.
  • FLOW is now moving on to become a music label.