3 days of innovations from Arnhem

Approximately 5000 people have learned about new innovations happening in and around Arnhem. Young and old, tech-savvy or totally oblivious to all things electronic; Innovate:Arnhem welcomed all kinds of people.

Our role in the project

It all started with our client’s idea for a festival. Our job was to transform that idea into a visual identity.
Then we were asked to design the communication for the event by designing a city-wide promotional campaign, including graphic design for printed materials such as billboards, posters and flyers, but also the design for a website and social media presence/communication.

Website and online presence

The website works as a catalogue of all the innovations you could see at the festival and it provides the information about the festival itself. In the background of the homepage there is a short video we made where you can see the festival’s logo constructed in various ‘innovative’ ways, like 3d printing, fabric stitching or virtual reality. The innovations showed on the website were all given an animated logo and custom made title screens. Visit the site here. Visit the site here.

The Event

We designed the identity and overall campaign, but it was Dana Dijkgraaf who was responsible for designing the exposition. We simply loved the big typography on cubes and the informative posters on 10 feet tall wooden stands, mixed with the stone, steel and glass of the location! It was awesome. Have a look at the photos or watch the aftermovie below to understand our enthusiasm.


Event production
Graphic Design
Web Development
Expo/Interior Design
Motion Graphics
Industrial video footage
Video content
Event registration (video)
Event registration (photo)

Fun Facts

  • If we were to name only one awesome thing from the festival it would be the Virtual Reality bobsleigh installation.
  • The first night of the festival featured 10 presentations and hosted almost twice the initially expected visitors!
  • Approximately 5000 people visited the event!