Su’Legria 2016

Su’Legria is Curaçao’s biggest music festival where the electronic beats of house music seemlessly blend with with the Caribbean flavour. Freely translated from Papiamentu, “Su’Legria” means “his/her happiness” and in this case it stands for a night where everybody can let go of their burdens and truly celebrate the moment.

Our role: Campaign concept, design, strategy, development.

Su’legria 2016 – starting point

The 2016 edition of Su’Legria marked the celebration of the festival’s 5th anniversary. We agreed with our client that the entire communication with our target audience – the people of Curaçao – should be designed around the idea of that anniversary.
And it wasn’t long before we fell in love with the simplicity of ’the ”5” concept’: 5 years of Su’Legria, 5 months of campaign preceding the party, 5 unique videos to be launched each month and finally ’5’ as a central motif on all deliverables.

The Photoshoot

With a small team we built a colourful studio setup for photography and video with laser cut and hand painted typography, balloons, chickens, eggs, champagne bottles, confetti, painted hands etc. and all of those would soon appear on the deliverables for the campaign.

We at Studio Hands like to build things with our hands, as we believe this brings a unique aesthetic to any project, especially nowadays, when life is becoming more and more digital.

A five month project

As we had the opportunity to run the campaign for 5 months straight leading up to the event, we decided to use that to our strength and to spice the campaign up every month with a fresh update (that’s how we came up with ’the ”5” concept’ as explained above).
That resulted in 5 videos, each showing a unique interpretation of the ‘5’ as a concept. Four eggs and a chicken for the early birds, five glasses of champagne for the VIP tickets, etc. See for yourself (don’t forget to turn up the volume!):

The foundation of the campaign

The campaign relied heavily on ‘the 5 videos’ and on the photos we had taken during the video shoot. That gave us a lot of material that we then could use on different kinds of other deliverables, both online and offline, such as billboards, posters, flyers and tickets.

Online promotion

Because the web is a ‘fast’ medium we decided to use only concise messages for the Su’Legria online campaign, for instance ‘Bon Pasku’, which is Papiamentu for ‘Enjoy the Holidays’, but also brief notes like ‘Early bird ticket alert’ or artist highlights – all of them dressed up in the anniversary theme.

Printed Promotion

The offline media, on the other hand, are ‘slow’ and we used that to communicate more detailed information, like the line-up, date and location of the party. That part of the campaign was run in the clubs and bars but also in the streets, therefore it was essential to make it legible and straightforward: its task was to immediately get people to understand that Su’Legria hosted Fedde le Grand, when/where it was, and that it was going to be a great party!


Art Direction
Graphic Design
Logo Design
Logo Animation
Video Production
First Assistant
Second Assistant

Fun Facts

  • The chicken was very relaxed during the video and photo shoot. He (or she?) really enjoyed the warmth of the lights!
  • There were even more tickets sold than last year.
  • It took a police escort to fix a big flight delay on the night of the event, but in the end all DJ's played!