“Make something amazing!”

Once in a while you meet a client who gives you full freedom to make something amazing. To be honest, that’s why we’re designers after all: we love making amazing things! Well, this was one of those projects. French producer-duo, The Noisy Freaks, reached out to us to design an album cover for their new 2015 EP, titled The Sixth Sense.

Visualising Audio

Designing artwork for music is a bit like translating from audio to something visual. Having listened to The Noisy Freaks’ new EP we realized that they had really developed their own sound, their own musical world. That’s why we contacted Yan Paul from Doublemen (our favourite 3D-guy) to sketch a unique audio-visual world with us.

Collaborating with other disciplines

Working with other specialists inspires us to think outside of our own comfort zone, and to innovate – create exciting new things! Working with a 3D designer like Yan Paul gave us the opportunity to do exactly that.

Playing around

Although the briefing told us to design a fantasy world, first we tried different shapes like Tornado, Donut, Globe and Blob just to see what would happen. That gave us some exciting results:


Below you can see the album’s final artwork, featuring the complete album visualised in 3D. We hope you like it! We are going to follow this design up and improve it (even animate it!) for the next release.


Graphic Design
3D design

Fun Facts

  • So, yeah! The album's sound is the album's artwork.