A study on startups

We redesigned the latest book for THNK – School for Creative Leadership. Titled ‘Scaling’, the book gives an analysis on what factors are key to make or break start-ups worldwide. The book had been published as a paperback before, and because of its success it was in high demand, hence the reason for the second edition.

We took the existing elements of the THNK brand identity, namely the distinctively coloured fonts, and by using the overprint we came up with a unique design: it stayed true to the identity, but it also harmoniously expanded its borders.

Fun Facts

  • A successful startup like Facebook is called a unicorn because of its near-mythical rarity.
  • Did you know 85% of all start-ups worldwide cease to exist before turning 5 years?
  • Scale-ups and startups are like three months old tiger cubs and kittens: you can already tell by the big paws and some facial features which of the two will become a big predator.